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Garcia, E., Rice,C. A., Eernisse, D. J., Forsgren, K. L., Quimbayo, J. P., and Rouse G. W.   Systematic relationships of sympatric pipefishes (Syngnathus spp.): A mismatch between morphological and molecular variation. Journal of Fish Biology (In press)

Garcia, E. (2011) Habitat complexity and species composition of moray eels (Muraenidae) along Santa Elena Peninsula, Costa Rica. Saltman Quarterly, 9: 34-38  PDF

Garcia, E., Sandin, S. & Wilson, A. (2009) Interspecific hybridization as a source of genetic variation in eastern Pacific Syngnathus species. Saltman Quarterly, 6: 30-34  PDF

Copyright notice: PDFs available for personal and educational use only; any further distribution, publication or commercial usage requires additional permission. Copyright and all rights retained by the authors and journals.


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