Study Abroad

Going to exotic countries, experiencing different cultures and doing research in amazing ecosystems such as rain forests, coral reefs and african savannas, are some of the reasons why Studying Abroad has been extremely enriching in my career and has changed the way I view the world.  I cannot stress enough how much I recommend undergrad students (and grads too) to take advantage of the opportunities available and study abroad!

I currently do field work for my graduate research in Baja, Mexico. Yet, I did most of my traveling as an undergraduate. I was able to participate and have a great time in study abroad programs in:

– Australia

– Switzerland (International Internship)

–  Costa Rica

– South Africa

Studying abroad might be easier than you think! For more info about how you can study abroad, some cool photos and more, go to my blog- or check out my presentation Study Abroad Rocks.

Don’t forget to visit the study abroad office at your school!


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